So much to do…So little time

Preparing to leave the country is a very tedious’s visits, paperwork, more paperwork, etc..I spent my entire day bouncing from one office to another, going over copious amounts of paperwork, getting enough shots to feel like a laboratory experiment, and braving my dislike of the dentist (unfortunately I have to go through that two more times), yet I still feel slightly overwhelmed. I think it’s the nerves and excitement of everything. I know it’s 4 months away! But time is going to fly by, one minute it’s today, the next I’m boarding the plane. Good thing I like lists. Lists are good. I’ve been scouring my possessions – keep, toss, donate – and price checking everything I need to get the best deals, arranging my finances to make sure there is nothing outstanding and so I have a little money cushion when I go – for fun stuff -, making list upon list, changing lists, deleting lists. If you just read that and feel as overwhelmed with chaos as I do, well I am glad I am not alone, but one thing is for certain. I feel at ease. Although there is so much to do and less time to do it in, with my schedules, and being promptly with my final pre-departure steps, everything is falling into place, and that gives me ease. So…for today the work is done, and tomorrow will bring new steps and new lists, but everyday brings me closer to my destination.


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