Getting Set To Go – Medical, Part 1

It’s hard to think it has only been a couple of weeks since I received my final invitation. I am so on top of everything I need to do I still haven’t gotten my packet in the mail and I’ve run out of steps until than! My largest issue is getting someone to certify my passport..then give it back to me so I can send it with my visa application..I am hoping the answer is contained in that packet. Photos are done though, and the paperwork has been typed and printed. Costco sells passport photos for very cheap too, if anyone wants to know a good place to get them, I got 16 (yes, you need that many) of them for $20.  Compared to the $10 per 2 at the City Hall or other official entity. I’m rather proud of my photo too, I look good =)

All -n- all everything is falling nicely into place, my immunizations are already done, and for anyone reading this *it is not a good idea to get them all done at once* I had to work today and it was not pleasant..fever, sore and swollen limbs, exhaustion, lack of appetite..I know I should have stayed home today, but someone has to pay the bills. Thankfully the fever finally subsided toward the very end of my shift, better late then never, and I think after a hot shower and another night of rest, the swelling and soreness should dissipate. In the end, a necessary evil.

Speaking of…the dentist, yes I finally got off my high horse and went to the dentist. Luckily he is my cousin and knows how much I disapprove. So far I have been given the all clear, just 2 more visits, MAYBE 3, involving a deep cleaning and a final cleaning. Puffy gums. Psh. I did appreciate the hygienist’s effort to comment on how well I take care of my teeth and casually add in that I have puffy gums and someone my age shouldn’t have puffy gums. I admit. I hate flossing, nearly as much as going to the dentist, at least I make a modest effort. Moving on.

My next series of doctor’s visits include a physical and removal/insertion of my Implanon again.  As far as my final medical clearance goes, I think that’s it, I hope that’s it. I’m sure all volunteers feel this way after getting an invitation, it’s a roller coaster of emotions, my most prevalent emotion right now is stress though, so the gym has been my solace at the end of a long day. I want to make sure everything is right, crossing my t’s, dotting my i’s, making sure not to miss a single step, because that can delay departure and the medical clearance is one of the biggest steps to complete before they give you the final OK to board the plane. Good thing I am healthy.


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