Getting Set to Go – Medical, Part 2

Time is starting to move more rapidly.

It feels like only yesterday I got my invitation to serve. Now somehow February vanished and it’s March in 2 days. The largest hurdle before I leave is the final medical clearance. The tedious process of gathering every piece of my medical history, and going to one doctor appointment after another, making sure the paperwork is completely processed and trying not to miss anything. I went to the last portion of my appointments yesterday: the physical.

My poor doctor seemed overwhelmed with the paperwork I handed her. But as part of a government agency the paperwork is key, and it has to be filled out correctly – the first time. The entire length of my appointment took 2.5 hours. Unless I was in the emergency room I have never had to be at an office that long. However, I can completely contest to being of sound health and wellness. Fit for duty.

The last piece of the puzzle is going back to get all the lab documents and once I submit everything I should receive the green light for my medical clearance. The Peace Corps updated to everything online recently, so once my portal opens I get to begin setting up my flights and travel through that. Personally, I think it helps make everything more efficient and much more streamlined. The blue packet I received is now completely accessible online, which also makes the necessity of paperwork I have to trek through the airports less. So things are moving along. And for any other Peace Corps Volunteer reading this, just remember, keep track of all your documents, read them before you go so you can help walk the doctors through your course of treatment, and even after the visit re-read everything before submitting. Also, the sooner you can complete everything, the medical services can quickly process and give you clearance.


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