Finding Your Zen

I’ve been doing my research, and reaching out to volunteers about all things Kenya. There is such an overwhelming difference between what volunteers deem necessary for the journey. From what bags to bring to the looming question “should I bring a 27 month supply of…”, every volunteer here or there seems to have a different answer. Obviously there are essentials, and then there are the little comforts. I suppose what it comes down to is what can you absolutely live without or cannot live without?

Things to consider:
– our new location is in a city for the first part of the trip
– how much are you willing to carry
– can you request it in a care package
– is the environment suited for…(think cultural norms and living conditions)
– do you REALLY need that?
– seriously, do you REALLY NEED that?
– will you be happier with a small comfort or two
– once you’re on the plane there is no turning back

For the next month before leaving it’ll be more research, packing, unpacking, making lists taking weights, walking around with my packed bags because you can never be too particular when it comes to putting together a comfortable life tailored to your liking for 27 months in a foreign environment. Really, there is no one that will laugh at your teddy bear, or lifetime supply of toilet paper. For myself, I’ve already invested in a decent wardrobe, coming from a very cold climate in Washington that is completely opposite of Kenya. I feel like hiking boots are more necessary than snow boots, you know. And being very, very, very fair-skinned with a sensitivity to sun exposure, you can believe I’ll have lots of sunscreen and aloe and foundation with sunscreen. Everyone is unique is needs and comforts, what can’t you live without?




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