To Bring… or Not to Bring

That is THE question! I can’t completely describe how overwhelmed I am with the packing aspect of my upcoming adventure. It didn’t truly hit me until I began making a detailed inventory of everything I am taking (so far..). My version of packing is prepared for the worst, since I won’t know my living assignment until I get there. This isn’t a vacation, this is my life for the next 27 months, in a foreign country no less!!

Part of me feel over packed, like there’s too much. The other part is frantically going over and over the list because I know I missed something. Since my initial packing list, my luggage situation has changed slightly. I am now doing 2 checked bags and one carry on with one personal item. Why? To have equipment with me while I am there to do things I love, like hiking.

So now.. I’m still bringing my rolling duffel, but will also have a 75L backpacking pack. Between these two bags the airline limit is 50# per bag, which is 100# total weight. I’m also taking in consideration what I want to drag around, so I might strive for 80#. We’ll see. My carry on is a 35L day pack. This is a great bag because it also can be compressed down to a much smaller backpack. All-in-all, I am happy with my bag choices.

What goes in them is entirely different. My range of items is everything! Clothes, games, sports equipment, electronics, toiletries, kitchen supplies, food, stationery supplies, medicine, backpacking equipment, sheets and towels, memorabilia like photos and postcards… Yeah. That JUST the categories…once I have properly inventoried everything, packed it, and satisfied with packing it, I will include the itemized list. Key things to remember… Foreign country for 27 months, living conditions unknown, and three bags. Now I know why my eye has a stress twitch. If it meets the weight limits and fits in my bags without needing a steamroller, I say mission accomplished! No need to fret about how much, right? haha.


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