Navigating Kenya

Here are some fun basic tricks and tips for navigating your travels in Kenya:

1) The menus are never accurate at local hotelis, always ask
2) Don’t drink the water unless it is bottled
3) Be wary of raw foods
4) You’ll get charged a mizungu price but you can always get a better deal if you know how to barter
5) Matatus are the best method of local transportation followed by pikipiki(motorcycle)
6) Major city markets include Naivas, Tusky’s, & Nakumatt (essentially like Target)
7) Always carry hand sanitizer and toilet paper with you
8) Disperse money on your person, do not keep it all in one place
9) The three major cities are Nairobi, Kisumu, and Mombassa
10) All major cities have international airports, and you can travel to Mombassa via train from Nairobi
11) Travel around Kenya is cheapest and most comfortable using a matatu shuttle, but a bus like EasyCoach is the next best thing
12) All American money should be exchanged in Nairobi using bills newer than 2005, outside of the cities and major venues, transactions are cash only
13) To enter other African countries, like Uganda, Tanzania, and Ethiopia you have to purchase a tourist visa
14) Some people prefer to rent their own car for safari to reduce cost
15) Typically the best safari season is between August and November
16) The hottest season is from January to May, June to August is winter, and you get mild weather the rest of the year
17) Mt Kenya and Mt Elgon are cheap alternatives to climbing Kilimanjaro and still breathtaking
18) Kiswahili is the primary spoken language, but in rural areas tribal languages are most common
19) Visit “Little Italy” when you go to the coast, a town called Malindi
20) When planning your trip, figure out what you want to do, then create a road map of it, that way as you travel, you can stop and explore all the sites you want to see and more


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