Spiritual Resolutions

Rosh Hashanah is around the corner and before celebrating a new year it is important to ask forgiveness, perform hatarat nedarim, and make a spiritual checklist. During the New Year I always make lists of things to improve in the coming year; typically consisting of increasing wealth and saving money, losing weight, and doing something I said I would do the previous year. Tangible assets and attributes.

Rosh Hashanah is different. For me, it’s a time to make resolutions that focus on my mental well-being and do a little soulful cleansing. Even if you aren’t Jewish, take some time and run through a spiritual checklist of your own to improve your inner health and gain fresh perspective on everything positive you have done and aspire to keep doing or should do/change. This is my spiritual checklist for the new year:

1)Achievements – what did I accomplish this past year?
-Finally made the move to Seattle
-Minimized my possessions
-Paid off all immediate debts
-Reconnected with my family
-Realized my goal of joining the Peace Corps
-Made a 2 year commitment to volunteer and moved to Kenya

2)Efficiency – am I careful not to waste precious time?
-Used my last few months before leaving to visit friends and family
-Took India to the beach almost everyday until I left
-Made the move to Seattle, even though I knew it was temporary

3)Community – am I involved in contributing to better the world?
-Peace Corps Volunteer in Kenya 2013-2015

4)Forward – what are my goals and aspirations for the coming year?
-Get to know my new community in Bondo
-Improve my physical and mental well-being
-Provide my community with assistance establishing new business and nutritional awareness
-Plan events for national nutrition month in March 2014 with Grow Strong
-Set up an HIV awareness event in my community
-A year of firsts and personal growth


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