Shanah Tovah

This new year I get to share my Jewish traditions with my Kenyan family. Even if you aren’t home for the holidays, doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. I have been learning so much about Kenyan culture and food during my time here, now I get the opportunity to not only share my traditions, but also some traditional foods.

For breakfast I made latkes, adding a Rosh Hashanah spin (healthy too!) using sweet potatoes and apples, drizzled before eating with honey. A more challenging food I set out to make is challah. Unfortunately there is no oven or baking tools here, so I had to create an oven from a jiko (charcoal stove) and estimated my ingredients. Good thing I know how to bake well! The only other tweak I made was the addition of whole wheat flour, rather than white.

After an hour baking in my Kenyan oven (charcoal jiko topped with a sufuria filled with sand, baking pan goes on the sand, then cover the outer sufaria), beautifully crisp challah, shimmering with honey and perfectly light with just a slight density from the whole wheat flour substitution and not too sweet, were ready to eat!

Chadeish aleinu shanah tovah um’tukah!



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