I will walk 500 miles

You either think I am crazy or now have a song stuck in your head (or both)! I assure you this post is well named and I will explain.

My fitness quest in Kenya begins with a single step. And escalates into a daily walk. I generally go into town everyday and it requires walking. So, it has become my source of daily cardio and I love it. A moderate hike one way lasting about 40 minutes, then my meandering in town, and a 40 min walk back home is easily me walking for 2 hours just to get supplies. Which I carry back, tack that on for some seriously weighted walking! And I Googled it. It’s 1.5 miles each way. 3 miles per day. Which would be about 170 trips to town. Easy. I go to town at least 4 times per week.

I will walk 500 miles in Peace Corps, and then I will walk 500 more.


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