Month 4

Didn’t I just write a monthly update? Was it really a month ago? Wow. Time seems to just be sneaking up on me.

Though October disappeared as quickly as frost lingering during spring, a lot happened and here’s the recap!

My third month in Bondo has more comfortably settled me into my new life. I have created routines that include market days, working out, reading and watching movies, chores, and work assignments. All my furniture is completed and set up, and I have my own newly built choo in a more accessible spot behind my house next to the bafu. I am starting to get the hang of my Kenayn life.

Dodgers made it to the playoffs. No this has nothing to do with Africa, but important nonetheless. It kept me very bleary eyed for the first half of the month, waking early at 3 am to stream a live game. Overall, my boys in blue did well. Effortlessly making it through the first playoff rounds before being cut short of glory during the NLCs against they who shall not be named. For the World Series I would like to say: Go Sox, please crush your opponent, as they did my Dodgers. Update: Sox won!

Anyhow, this relates directly to here, not only because I was ever the dutiful fan, I even took a neat photo with some new Dodgers fans showing our support, but also because I got a Dodger dog(not the deliciously famous hot dog found at Dodger stadium)! Wendy had her first puppy, and ONLY the one puppy. He was born during the playoffs as the Dodgers triumphed, so he was properly named Dodger dog. He is a month old now and coincidentally has bright blue eyes. I never wanted the responsibility of a pet here in Kenya, however, the poor little guy tugged at my heartstrings since he was all alone, much like me, and now he is permanent member in my home. He even got a sponsorship from Petco, with the arrival of a care package soon, thanks to my auntie and her awesome groomer. It inspired me to do a project focused on animals, and now I am researching for a way to get a clinic day for pets here to spay/neuter, vaccinate, and disperse general love and care.

Even with the arrival of a new puppy, we had to say goodbye to a friend. Samir bid farewell to Kenya and returned to America before he tackles his next big adventure, with the promise of returning here after (Samir if you are reading this, now you have an obligation to come back). I was fortunate to see him off in Kisumu. It was a pleasant day and a sad day, graced with Sobah’s wonderful hospitality, and feast of Indian delights. I really need to become better at cooking Indian food, I bought a wealth of spices to help me in my quest and will try to recreate my favorites as best I can. Thankfully, Indian cuisine is easy to prepare vegetarian, and mostly is! Even paneer isn’t hard to make and on my list of recipes to try.

My Young Farmers are still doing very well, and we just outreached to the orphanage, hoping to have some crops planted before the end of the short rains. The crops at the food hub are doing very well, and at least 5 of the pumpkin seeds are sprouting up nicely. I also helped apply for Nyakasumbi primary school in my area to acquire 1,000 books to fill a new, and very empty library. The library is also open to the public, so it benefits the community. As of recent, our application was approved and in the new year the library is going to receive new books!!

I also started fundraising for my next big adventure! Which is going well with all the support from my friends and family. The money I am raising is going to a trip with Global Village Habitat for Humanity in Ethiopia this coming April. I have the wonderful opportunity of being selected to go on the build and look forward to my 2 weeks in Ethiopia with a team of amazing people from around the world.

I previously wrote of my longing for home with October, and with each day it never passed. My birthday turned out to be a better occasion than last year at least. Made a second trip into the big city and had a really relaxing day to myself at the Impala Park. Spotted some hippos out in Lake Victoria while I indulged on chocolate cake for breakfast among a herd of zebra and impala. After my blissful picnic breakfast I had a quite stroll through the park, since I was the only one there, they let me play with the baby giraffe. So cute! The manager of the Eco Lodge gave me a tour of the campsites at the hotel and further into the park, and bought me a mocha. I left the park to grab lunch, spoiling myself to some delicious English fish and chips with a cold Tusker at Barry’s Sports Bar and Grill. The end to the lovely day involved buying myself an awesome gift..a bicycle! Then I arrived to warm wishes from the family and a bouquet of fresh flowers. Definitely one of my more awesome birthday’s.

Halloween was spent almost like previous ones. I watched a marathon of movies with the local kids, even though my choices were more comical or dramatic than scary. Beetlejuice, it has been awhile since I watched that.

My October. My most cherished month of the year, how you flee! Only one more October away from the familiar favorites of fall comfort from my favorite time of the year. I look forward to my next October being filled with the same awesomeness as this one.



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