Life by Numbers

800 days..
114 weeks..
26.5 months of service

100L water sanitized every 2 weeks
10L water used to bathe
8L water to do dishes
8L Chujio container for drinking water
2.5L water consumed per day
16oz Stoney per week or Coke Zero
1 bottle of beer a week

1 snuggly puppy
Unlimited cuddles and comfort
1 bath per week
Unlimited fleas and ticks of doom

6 days a week working out
7 days a week working

1 longer vacation every
3 months-ish
1 mini trip every
Month or so

1 trip to the city a month
4 hours in a matatu

4 trips to town per week
30 minutes on a bicycle
2 major market days
Unlimited children saying mizungu
38km longest bike ride so far

2 rainy seasons but
0 rain so far
365 days of heat

20,000kes a month or
$225 a month
$50 a month raise

4000kes for 8G of internet
300kes electric bill
1 refrigerator for as happier tummy
1 fan for a cooler house
= 2 cushy appliances for added comfort

130kes beer in town
200kes beer in the city
60kes local meal in town
500kes+ fancy meal in the city

4 hours max distance to volunteers in Western/Nyanza
90 min max distance to the
1 closest volunteer by bicycle

Lifetime supply of memories


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