Happy 2014!

2013 is now gone and although I can’t remember the resolutions I made last year, I feel successful in my endeavors and accomplished. It definitely was a year of change and personal growth, indeed a great year. A look back..

I finally settled into Seattle and had never felt more at home. There is nothing bad I can about such a magical city, even with all my crazy, eccentric, and varied interests, because it had everything from woodland escapes to salted beaches…country comfort food to ethnic delights…sports, entertainment, and adventure galore! It is truly the Emerald City and I don’t need ruby slippers to know I found home.

But fate stepped in to give me the biggest news of my 22 year young life when I got my invitation to serve in Kenya at the end of January last year! (Has it really been one year?!) One moment full of concurrent emotion…fear, anticipation, excitement, happiness, sadness. I had to leave Seattle behind (never forgotten, and with every intention of returning) and it was a hard decision to make. After all, I spent so many years trying to move there and finally made it…thus I had to determine if joining the Peace Corps was still what I desired to do.

So..I crossed the country again and said my goodbyes to family and friends and prepared for my furthest move yet to Kenya! Since leaving Seattle I have experienced many more firsts, made many new friends, and have memories to last a lifetime.

Things I have done in the last year…I took almost a month-long vacation to Florida (spending my time almost solely at theme parks with my best friend channelling my inner child), watched two of my good friends get married, went on 3 safaris, rock climbed for the first time ever at Pride Rock, started a 27 month service in PC Kenya, and resolved myself of debt and most worldly possessions, aside from two suitcases and two carry on bags. Now living life hakuna matata.

A toast to 2014, to many more firsts, adventures, and friends, to memories, love, and laughter, and to never give in, give up or settle!

My resolutions

I look forward to not having expectations and exceeding every one
Many more firsts
Making new friends
Love myself more
Transforming positively
Smile, laugh, and live every moment
Do what makes me passionate
Make an impact
And if nothing else..be able to say I was here, I worked hard and I did not give up

Welcome to 2014, life only gets better!

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