National Nutrition Month 2014

“Enjoy the taste of eating right”

The theme for this year focuses on the importance of eating right, but choosing foods that satisfy individual taste. Making healthy food choices is easier and more delicious than you may think!

What does this mean?
Limit refined oils, processed sugars, artificial coloring, preservatives and sweeteners, and any processed foods. This means most fast foods, pre-made meals, and canned goods. This does NOT mean a lack of flavor and deliciousness!!

Foods to consider when making healthy food options:
Oils: coconut, sunflower, sesame, olive, and peanut
Grains: 100% whole wheat, quinoa, amaranth, oats, couscous, millet, sorghum
Beans/lentils: check labels for canned beans, ensure that no added salts or preservatives were used
Sugar: stevia is a good alternative for sweetner or use honey, agave or raw unprocessed sugar
Cereals/Granola: real ingredients should be listed first, with no preservatives or colors
Fruits: any and all fresh fruit, not from a can
Vegetables: any and all fresh vegetables, not from a can, eat the rainbow
Milk: use natural, organic milk or natural alternatives like coconut or almond, limit soy
Sauces/Dressings: use fresh ingredients to make your own, it is easier than you think
Yogurt: plain yogurt is the best for you, you can add fresh fruits and honey for less calories and sugars, plus it is all natural
Deli meats: find all natural cuts of meat with no added chemical preservatives and get low-sodium when possible
Cheese: use low-fat cheese when possible, but any cheese is fine as long as it isn’t processed
Meats: find meats that are locally sourced and organic when possible, opt for leaner cuts, try different kinds like bison, lamb, or rabbit for nutritious alternatives to beef and chicken
Seafood: canned seafood in water with no artificial preservatives, but fresh is best
Snacks: find snacks that are natural or make your own like kale chips, sweet potato chips, veggie chips, dried fruits, raw nuts, popcorn(not bagged, kernels)
Breads: bread should never contain more than a few simple ingredients, look for 100% whole wheat or other grain options, like quinoa for a gf option
Juice: 100% all natural, with no added sugars, coloring or added filler water

You buy healthier foods, now what?
You eat! Even if it is just for a month, make a change in your kitchen and start cooking with natural, whole foods. You’ll find the taste and quality surpasses any of the processed junky foods, plus you are going to feel amazing. Try different varieties to fit your taste buds and enjoy the taste of eating right!


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