Fixing Traveler’s Tummy

Recently, I came down with a terrible stomach upset. First case of anything serious, which is amazing considering where I currently live. The go-to foods for stomach ache vary from place to place, but a good rule to follow is the BRAT diet.

B : bananas

R : rice

A : applesauce

T : toast

With every stomach upset, a bland variety of foods with easy digestibility are best, plus copious amounts of water. Using this chart as a guide it is easy to create personal variety that best fits your preferences by creating your own acronym, for instance any of these foods can be consumed with a sour stomach..

O : oatmeal

P :ย porridge

P :ย plain mashed potatoes

S :ย un-salted saltines

S : soup broths (low-sodium variety)

Y : yogurt plain and unsweetened

Next time you have an upset stomach, just remember to consume a variety of healthy foods that are bland enough to not make you more sick. Fluids are key to any illness and drinking plenty of water help speed recovery. Lastly, drinking herbal teas may help soothe stomach pains, and drinking fluids containing electrolytes like coconut water – not sugary sports drinks – will keep you more hydrated.

A well-balanced varied diet is essential to maintain good health and improve health when ill.


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