Habitat for Humanity Global Village


My upcoming trip to Ethiopia is right around the corner! Many people have donated to help me go on this amazing adventure and I shower you all with my love and thanks. Still, there are people who wonder just what is the HfH Global Village program and why do I have to raise money in the first place?

Habitat for Humanity works to build homes for impoverished families. Primarily volunteer operated, you can find a local build across the US, as well as neighborhood projects and other events. Contrary to popular belief, although it is a Christian organization, EVERYONE is welcome to volunteer and be part of the team.  Visit your local HfH website and sign up for a build!

The other great program is the international builds. These builds are designed to target poverty housing and community improvement on a global scale. Volunteers have to apply and are carefully selected by team leaders, but you do not have to have experience with HfH to go! Having a passion for helping others and desire to change the world makes you an excellent candidate. Visit this page to learn more and find out about upcoming trips:


Global-Building-Map-through-Jan-2013 habitatlas_march_09-1

My trip in April takes me to Ethiopia and without the help of family and friends it would not be possible. Thanks to everyone who has helped cover the program fee, my plane ticket, and visa. Now why is there a program fee you ask? Each trip is different, this particular trip fee is $1830. Wow! How can you get money for that? Easy! HfH sets you up with a fundraising page and all your family and friends can donate directly to your page. It is completely secure and everyone can see your progress, as well as information about your build. What does this program fee include?

  • Donation to the host community
  • Transportation in-country
  • Food and accommodations
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Some local cultural activities

It does not include airfare, additional activities, or visa. But you are more than welcome to raise extra money on your own to cover these expenses, which I did.

Here is some information about HfH Global Village Ethiopia, including the website for my team leader on this build and previous builds she has lead:




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