Habitat for Humanity Global Village


My upcoming Global Village Build is right around the corner! Many people have donated to help me go on this amazing adventure and I shower you all with my love and thanks. Still, there are people who wonder just what is the HfH Global Village program and why do I have to raise money in the first place?



What can you tell us about your trip?

My trip in April takes me to Bisidimo, Ethiopia. We will be staying in Harar and Addis Adaba (the capital) during our trip and Bisidimo is a village outside of Harar. My group is the 100th group in the country!

This particular trip fee is $1830 and without the help of family and friends it would not be possible. Shout out and huge thanks to everyone who has helped me raise money to fund my trip.

What will the donation to my trip go toward?

  • Large donation to the host community
  • Transportation in-country
  • Food and accommodations
  • Travel medical insurance
  • Local cultural activities
The program cost seems so expensive. Is it worth it?

When you usually go on vacation the cost is about the same. The difference is you now get to integrate and interact with a local culture in a way most people don’t.

The cost of every GV trip varies, but I have seen some as low as $1300 to as high as $2500. These fees are inclusive of cultural excursions, a donation to the build you participate in, all food and drinks (except alcohol), all transportation, and accommodation. Unfortunately the cost of airfare to/from the country of choice is not included or visa. But you are more than welcome to raise extra money on your own to cover these expenses, which I did.

The differences in cost are based on the location and length of the trip. But yes. It is worth every penny. And unlike a normal vacation, you can raise money for the cost of your trip. HfH sets up a fundraising account that all your friends and family can donate directly for you to HfH and you have the option to fund as much of the trip as you can, so rally your friends and family for a good cause. It is also completely secure and everyone can see your progress, as well as information about your build. The bottom line is the trip is entirely affordable and can be completely funded (other than spending money) so you don’t have to miss out on a wonderful opportunity to volunteer!

Do I need building experience?

Not at all! Just a can-do attitude and willingness to learn. They will teach you what you need to know on the build because every site is different based on location.

Will I be working the entire time?

No!! Part of the trip is a cultural exchange. There are excursions planned or discussed with the group and you get plenty of free time to do some exploring on your own if you want.

Who can participate?

Team Leaders interview and select the team going on builds, but anyone is welcome to sign up! Our team consisted of Americans, ExPats, Canadians, and New Zealanders. Oh and of course PCVs! (My team leader was an RPCV from Uganda!)

What should I bring?

It varies depending on your location. Work gloves, hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, tennis shoes, camera, and comfortable working clothes are definitely a must. Make sure to bring some clothes to go out in and you can get your money exchanged at the airport for better rates, so bring cash with you to do so.

What builds are available and how do I sign up?

Go to www.habitat.org/cd/gv/schedule.aspx

Habitat for Humanity works to build homes for impoverished families. Primarily volunteer operated, you can find a local build across the US, as well as neighborhood projects and other events. Contrary to popular belief, although it is a Christian organization, EVERYONE is welcome to volunteer and be part of the team.  Visit your local HfH website and sign up for a build!

For Global Village, all of the upcoming trips are listed and you just have to click on the one you want to find out information and to apply. Trips are usually posted 6 months prior to the build, but no more than a year.


Global-Building-Map-through-Jan-2013 habitatlas_march_09-1

Here is some information about HfH Global Village Ethiopia, including the website for my team leader on this build and previous builds she has lead:




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