Eat Green on St. Pattty’s

A holiday centered around drinking and everything green typically does not prompt someone to think of it as a healthy day (unless you carefully planned your week and made it your splurge day). I’m not telling you not drink, go ahead! But do so in moderation, and when planning your big party think of ways to incorporate naturally green foods to the dinner menu. Here are some easy swaps.

shamrock-chips-6-300x200                 Pistachio-Milkshake-Recipe-for-St-Patricks-Day

Corned beef and cabbage is the meal best associated with the infamous holiday, make cabbage a bigger star on your plate by cutting out large portions of potatoes.

Make your own tortilla chips using a shamrock cookie cutter and spinach flour tortillas, then bake brushed with a little oil and a sprinkle of salt. Serve with a lightened up guacamole for extra green pizzazz or some cheddar dip for a little pot o’ gold.

Make a morning hangover cure using greens in a smoothie, it’ll help replenish nutrients and water from a night of heavy drinking.

Switch from starchy to veggie, and use an assortment of green delights like zucchini, broccoli, and bell peppers for your dips. Use lightened up spinach dip or a Guinness cheddar fondue.

If you really, really want to dye anything green, use natural green dye.

There is a brand of chips called Pirate’s Booty, that has amazing veggie chips to munch on and will add green to your party spread.

Using natural mint or pistachio in desserts add green and fun flavors, especially when paired with anything chocolate and Guinness

So enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day with a little less guilt and a lot more green! Simple swaps and substitutes, as well as moderation are what make being healthy during the holiday’s easy without giving up what you love and enjoy about them.


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