It’s Perspective

“The toughest job you’ll ever love” – Peace Corps

Sometimes you need to take a day to stay in bed and watch movies all day. It happens. You can’t be too hard on yourself for it. This is 24/7 job and sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. I have been in Kenya for nearly 10 months now. I love my site, house, counterparts, town, and job.

But…I am feeling a tad burned out. In perspective what I am doing is awesome! I am not ready to go home, I am just feeling slightly overwhelmed by the day and night exposure. I have two weeks before I leave the country and go on vacation for the first time. It honestly could not have come at a better time. I am in need of a change of scenery and pace, and I feel a little antsy having to wait two weeks! But…perspective. The sooner it starts, the sooner it ends. Same goes for PC.

I was soooooooo antsy waiting for my service to begin, and now it is half over! There are already plans for vacations being made for the remainder of the year. Next year I will be preparing to go home and more plans are being started for post-PC. I may be feeling a bit burned out and certain activities are highly anticipated, but in perspective, time is going to move as quickly as I allow it. If I feel like it is dragging then I am just going to drive myself crazy watching the hours. But keeping busy makes every hour count for something and move faster.

So. I am going to enjoy a lazy Sunday and decompress. Not worry about anything and just watch movies all day. Because I can. I am allowed to and encouraged to. An effective service is done by an invigorated volunteer. I just need a little break from it all to regain that pep in my step(something more than just a few days at a fancy hotel, an entirely new environment). In the meantime, I will work through the next two weeks and do my best not to count the hours…or minutes.

As a volunteer if you begin to experience burn out, then figure out what you need to regain your take over the world attitude! The job is tough, but it is a labor of love!!


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