I Waffles You

It’s national waffle day!! I don’t know about you, but I LOVE waffles. The (more) delicious alternative to pancakes in the morning and savory side for dinner..or a snack! Celebrating National Nutrition Month and Eating Right, I want to highlight this breakfast food choice and how you can feel less guilty next time you get a craving.

The traditional waffle contains eggs, butter, milk, baking powder, flour and sugar. Then they are (almost always) drowned in more butter, maple syrup, and/or powdered sugar. Of course this is a health disaster that is not only calorie dense, but loaded with unnecessary sugars and fats. Not the best way to start off your morning, no matter how delicious.

Don’t panic! The waffle is versitle and can be made into a healthy morning option, snack on the go, or dinner side. Here are some substitution you should try the next time you take out your waffle iron.

  • Egg whites instead of eggs means a fluffier waffle with less fats
  • Non-dairy milk for some added nutrients and good for a vegetarian option
  • Any fruit puree, peanut butter, yogurt or coconut oil in place of butter
  • Whole wheat or other ancient grain flour in lieu of white flour
  • A hint of honey, a pinch of stevia or omit the sugar entirely, the sweetness can be added with toppings

Get creative! You can mix-in or top your waffle fun ingredients are healthy too.

  • Fresh or frozen fruit to add in, top or both
  • Your favorite granola for a different texture, watch out for added sugars
  • Carob or dark chocolate chips
  • Fresh veggies for a savory twist
  • Add some sweetness with vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, or other sweet spices
  • Or add some heat with chili, curry, or any combination of savory spices
  • Some shredded cheese, pairs well with sweet and savory (try some sharp cheddar with apples)
  • Bacon, all you need is bacon, or other deli meat like chopped turkey or pancetta
  • Try using a homemade fruit syrup or if you really want maple, then use just a drizzle of all-natural
  • Waffles can be turned into an alternative dinner biscuit or cornbread too

So, now you know everything you need to create a healthy, nutrient dense waffle that is good any time of the day. Enjoy the taste of eating right.


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