Cardio Yoga, Part I

A good start to your day is waking up refreshed from a good sleep and a basic sun salutation.

A GREAT start to your day is waking up refreshed from a good sleep and total body cardio yoga.

There is nothing better than getting your heart rate up while stretching and toning your entire body. This routine is designed as a moderate level routine, but can be scaled back for beginners or for an extra burn, advanced movements of these poses can be done. Do this first thing in the morning and get a boost that will last all day.

1. Chair Pose (8 breathes)

2. High Lunge (5 breathes)

y139j-Ausfall Schritt (var)-High Lunge-Virabhadr Āsana I (var)
3. Downward Dog (5 breathes)

4. High Plank (5 breathes)

5. Low Plank (1 breath)

images (1)
6. Upward Dog (5 breathes)

7. High Lunge Twist (8 breathes)

8. Half Moon (5 breathes)

images (2)
9. Revolved Half Moon (5 breathes)

images (3)
10. Standing split (5 breathes)

Standing Split 2

Repeat on the opposite side and do 5 sets
(**I do not own these images, but I will work on posting images of myself doing them**)

Do this every morning and get a full body workout that not only acts as a cardio routine, but strength and flexibility as well. For optimum results don’t forget to include a healthy eating plan and don’t skip on the protein in the morning! Also, drinking an 8oz glass of water with a squeeze of lemon before and after helps jump-start your metabolism and hydrates you.


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