Cardio Yoga, Part II

After doing a week of my cardio yoga, part I routine, it is time to crank it up a bit. The five sets of the ten pose flow routine should take you 20 mins working major muscles and most organ systems. The added ten poses are designed to really work all your major and minor muscles, and focus on total body conditioning inside and out. Performing 3 sets of the 20 poses takes 20 min, but aim for 5 sets. As always the routine can be modified based on skill-level, reps performed, and posture holds. The highlighted poses with images are the new poses you should add into the previous routine.

1. Chair Pose (8 breathes)
2. High Lunge (8 breathes)
3. Warrior I (8 breathes)


4. Downward Dog (5 breathes)
5. Side Plank (5 breathes)


6. High Plank (5 breathes)
7. Low Plank (3 breathe)
8. Upward Dog (5 breathes)
9. Half Twist (10 breathes)

10. Bridge Pose (8 breathes)


11. Boat Pose (5 breathes)

paripurna navasana

12. High Lunge Twist (8 breathes)
13. Half Moon (5 breathes)
14. Revolved Half Moon (5 breathes)
15. Warrior III (5 breathes)


16. Standing Split (5 breathes)
17. Triangle Pose (5 breathes)

Picture 5

18. Standing Forward Bend (& Back Bend for reverse) (8 breathes)

standing-forward-bend_1 BackwardBending

19. Standing Side Bend (8 breathes)


20. Tree Pose (10 breathes)



Repeat on opposite side and do 5 sets
(**I do not own these images, but I will work on posting images of myself doing them**)

The combination of this standing and floor routine, with longer holds and constant flow for 5 reps, works the muscles in your entire body to burn fat, builds muscle strength and flexibility, aids in circulation and other organ functions, increases mental focus, reduces stress, and expands your lung capacity.  Challenge yourself to do this routine everyday for a month, and not only will you see results, but feel them from head to toe. Namaste.


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