Month 10, Part III

Arriving back in Kenya from Ethiopia was an entire new set of problems. Due to increased security restriction, I was in Nairobi for the morning and then had to find a place to crash since I couldn’t stay in Nairobi.

My first destination was to Jens’ site. Other than be entirely ripped off (it’s PC it happens!), it was a fun visit. The next day I hit the road again and from a matatu to a bus, I made my way to Lori’s site outside of Kisumu. At this point I was looking forward to not be traveling with all my luggage but still had two more days ahead of me.

I managed to navigate to the matatu which would take me to Shawna’s site. I arrived in good time and was greeted by her entourage of kids. We decided on dinner in town and enjoyed a hilarious show by two Kenyans who just happened to think it was so much better to join us for dinner. We were pretty bad ass when we made them bring a table to the roof to enjoy dinner and drinks. I bid her farewell the next afternoon and onto my final destination to the computer camp.

This was the worst yet because the driver not only got aggressive over the cost, but ended up ripping me off by 400bob, even with the instance from me and the other PCV in Kiswahili. Fail. But I had a few days reprieve at the rather posh mission house! For two full days I walked free of luggage, enjoyed hot showers, and yummy food, plus the company of three PCVs.

I left a day early to make my way home by the weekend. I met up with four PCVs for a relaxed day of fun in the city. We went to the coffee shop, cinema for an American movie complete with beer and caramel corn, then ended the day playing with bumper cars (at the Naught Castle, true story). We hung out and the next day I had one final lunch before my final trip to my home.

It was a great vacation. I did so many amazing things, hung out with so many awesome people, but I am happy to be back at site.

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