Month 10, Part I

Nearing the 1 year mark. It’s been that long already?! I am going to keep this update short, because I took my first vacation and not much happened in terms of PC. However, I did manage to squeeze a few projects in before and after my vacation.

The first week of the month I was at site. I help pull off a successful conference with the University, Grow Strong and YF. It was an all day event focused around agriculture and small livestock. I helped with the preparation of a rabbit cooking demo and assisted in the arrangement of the different seminars. I was really worried that the event wasn’t going to be executed well due to the lack of time and hands on planning, but the students surprised us in the end and things went rather well.

Right before leaving on my vacation (to build with Habitat for Humanity Global Village) I visited a PCV and helped him (Ben) with a project at his site. It was rather fitting because I assisted with some of the construction for a new school laboratory. The insulation was created from trash stuffed plastic bottles and I think it is a genius way to recycle plastic and reduce trash burning here.

On my return home I took an extra week off to help with a computer camp with another PCV at her (Andrea) site. The computer camp targeted secondary school girls, and I assisted with various lesson plans. The first day started with computer basics and understanding operating system, then ended the day with typing tutorials. Day two the girls used new typing skills practically on word documents. Later, I lead them through a tutorial on MS Paint and at the end of the day they created informational posters on malaria. The camp was tied in with malaria education conducted by two health PCVs (Tenesha and Lindsay Rae). My last day helping I aided with lessons involving internet navigation and safety. We showed them the different search engines, how to search, and emailing. Of course, tied into malaria research. I did not stay for the last two days of the camp, but felt like I contributed a fair amount and the girls really enjoyed my lessons. Overall, being on vacation all month, I feel rather accomplished in terms of including projects into the month.


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