This traditional food found its way to my plate most of my time in Ethiopia. It is the most common traditional food and my personal favorite in terms of Ethiopian dishes.

Wot is a traditional curried stew made with berbere spice. It is spicy and served in several forms:

Bege : made with lamb and the most common to order
Bure (tibs) : mad with beef either ground or diced
Figel : made with goat
Doro : the king of wots made with chicken

The wot is served in ceramic dishes and accompanied with injera (but more on that later). I discovered it can be ordered with rice, you just have to be VERY specific about it. I found the flavor to be rather spicy, but very flavorful with after notes of different peppers playing with my taste buds.

The different meats arrive in different styled sauces, and overall my favorite was the minced meat or lamb. The spices tended to pack more of a punch and just a bit more spicy than the other varieties. If you can’t decide sometimes restaurants will serve “traditional non-fasting” that has a variety. Fair warning it could easily feed 3-4, even just a single dish can feed 2. It is a lot of food and very filling.



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