Every culture has a different way of eating food, but there is always one staple that the entire culture is known for. In Ethiopian culture this food is called injera.

Injera is a spongy, sour flatbread made traditionally with teff flour. It is dark brown in color and served as a utensil with traditional foods. When food is served to you it is on a large metal plate that is covered with injera and the different dishes are assembled on top. A plate of injera is usually served on the side as well.

Injera is great to sponge up every last bit of delicious curried sauce and the pungent tart flavor is cut by the spiciness of the food. I was told that a lot of injera is cut with wheat flour due to the increased cost of teff, but I prefer the all teff option because I find it has less of that sour flavor to start with.

Going to a small local joint, tibs is a very common dish that is served with the injera. It is cubes of meat with a light sauce and lots of peppers. My favorite dish served with injera is wot and the rich, spicy flavors of the curry really mask the sourness of the bread and it also helps mellow some of the spice from the curry.

Try it at least once when you are in Ethiopia with a traditional food and you won’t be disappointed.


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