Fatira and Coffee

A common breakfast staple found in Harar is fatira. It is a fried pancake served either plain or with a cooked egg in the center and dipped in honey. The result is a crispy, but fluffy pancake that resembles more of a crepe and a delicious layer of cooked egg, sweetened delicately with honey. It isn’t too sweet for breakfast, and also has some protein and is very filling. This was my favorite thing to eat every morning in Harar. The perfect pair to fatira? Coffee.

The coffee in Ethiopia is without a doubt the best coffee I have ever had, sorry Seattle. They take their time roasting the beans over an open fire, then brew the strongest cup I have ever had. But the result is an aromatic adventure of rich and sweet spices, and bold notes of bean itself. There are several ways to take coffee in Ethiopia : traditional black, macchiato style, or latte.

At most of the restaurants the coffee is served using the espresso method of brewing and although I usually enjoy a nice black cup of coffee, I preferred ordering the macchiato with the small amount of cream and some sugar because the coffee was so strong. But this might also stem from my lack of coffee consumption in general lately. I am going to have to gradually work my way back to black coffee. Though as a coffee-holic I do believe certain roasts are better as is, others need only the slightest sweetener, some need milk, others need milk and sugar.

Every batch of beans has its own story from the method of growing to roasting, so every cup of coffee deserves its own special touches before being enjoyed to its full potential. In Ethiopia, a macchiato styled cup of coffee with a hint of sugar creates the perfect cup every time. Visit Harar and enjoy a cup with a plate of fatira for breakfast and you won’t leave unsatisfied.

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