This is one of the most popular, widely consumed, and nutritious meals you can find any Kenyan enjoying for breakfast. Uji is made in the opposite sense of ugali, but using the same basic ingredients, millet and corn flour. This breakfast staple is a porridge that you drink in a mug, unlike a porridge you will find elsewhere that is eaten in a bowl with a spoon. Due to the high nutrient content, young children, mothers, elderly, and those who are sick consume it most often.

There are two ways to prepare uji, fermented or not fermented. Fermented uji is the most common, if not the only variety you will find at any home or hoteli. Fermented uji sits overnight as a mixture of flour and water, in the morning it is cooked with more water to a drinkable consistency and served sweetened with sugar; at times milk it also added to make it creamier. Aiming to educate about better nutrition I have been showing people the switch from sugar to honey produces the same sweet taste, using less and introducing more nutrients.


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