Injera isn’t the only popular choice of bread in Ethiopia. Found more commonly south, ambesha is a flat bread made from barely, much like a chapati but leavened and not cooked with oil, almost like pita. I have seen it range anywhere from a flat bread thickness to normal bread loaf.

Best when warmed, it was a wonderful accompaniment to eggs (seasoned with berbere) and coffee. During a traditional tea ceremony, a large loaf of it is presented to guests and cut in pieces that can be considered small loaves. Street vendors on the sides of the road have baskets piled high and sell it in pieces.

The taste of this bread is nutty and slightly sweet, and I prefered the thinner flatbread because it was more savory. I wasn’t able to acquire the recipe from anyone, but from what I know the basic ingredients are barley flour and yeast to make a quick bread. Their use of barely from snacks, drinks, to baked goods has given me inspiration and makes me want to experiment in my kitchen with it. If you don’t like injera and are in Ethiopia, ask for abesha to enjoy the traditional foods with.


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