Ethiopian Street Foods

Among the crowded markets and along the road, an all too familiar sight caught my attention, street vendors. Each country caters to local delicacies that pop up as snack carts wandering the road, waiting for an unsuspecting passerby to encounter the aroma and remember he or she could use a bite.

The Ethiopian scene of vendors was similar to my daily run-ins in Kenya. Common offerings include cups of coffee (instead of Chai), roasted kolo (barley and peanuts), popcorn (sweet, not savory) and ambesha (a barley bread), plus various assorted fruits, candies, soft drinks, and trinkets.

On the long bug rides to and from Dinsho, munching on mitmita seasoned kolo was a wonderful and filling snack option. Toasted barley is awesome.

During a coffee ceremony sweet popcorns and unseasoned kolo are served, sometimes abesha. There were vendors specifically set up as contious coffee ceremonies for the on the go morning person or loiterer. One interesting seller in Harar was offering camel milk, if I had more time I would have loved to try some. Another time.


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