Month 11

I returned from a very long trip and was exhausted, traveling in Africa, or anywhere lacking upgraded transportation, is a lot of wear on the body.

So, for the first two weeks I blearily re-stepped into my PC shoes and settled in back home. I unpacked and cleaned everyday. Spending a month out of site results in a lot of catching up. The first disaster I encountered was no water. The long rain season should have started while I was away but I came home to a very apparent drought, oh and no water. I spent the first week fretting over the water problem and how I could conserve. Thankfully, I had sanitized water prior to leaving, so I had enough drinking water to sustain me. My dilemma only lasted one water purchase before we had enough rain one day to give me a boost. Still waiting out this drought.

The remainder of the month was lackluster to say the least, but mildly eventful. I attended the third Nyanza Honey Producers meeting in Oyugis, where we made a lot of progress on the future of the program and where we want to invest our time and resources. Regional volunteer project underway!

Young Farmers stumbled while I was gone. The lack of rain wrecked havoc on the crops and the kids were out of school on holiday and did not attend the meetings; we finally saw a bounce back in attendance the second week of the month. The good things that happened? I moved forward with T-shirt uniforms. We decided to scrap the bleach idea temporarily, instead I simply painted them. I completed 7 and have 8 to go, they look good..for now, ha! But the best news of all, we were chosen to receive a grant from World Connect for the Youth to Youth Livestock Outreach Program for rabbits. We anticipate the start of program implementation in June. Good things to come!

The worst news. In the middle of working on the project components for Young Farmers the laptop crashed, with all my work included. This could not have happened at the worst time with the start of the program around the corner. All my months of work and research, poof! Gone. I hope that a trip to the city can either fix the computer or recover the memory off the hard drive. I can only hope. I want those program files if nothing else can be recovered. Please?

Otherwise. The month hummed and hawed to completion and was a tumultuous test of my endurance, both physically and mentally. Battling the wilds of mother nature and the harshness of the environment and coming to terms with things being out of my control sometimes. I move forward into a new month looking at the silver lining and letting all the bad things go.




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