The 1 Year Milestone

Happy Anniversary to PC Kenya Group ’13-15!

This time last year our small group of 38 stepped off the plane that carried us from the US to Amsterdam to our final destination for two years, Kenya. I remember that day like yesterday.. We were hustled through customs and loaded onto a bus, jet-lagged but eager. It was evening, already well into darkness and we struggled to see out the bus windows to what was now our temporary home. After a slight detour, we arrived at a hostel and were greeted by a hot meal and quick debriefing. That night we slept off the travel lag and awoke to the reality of our new lives. Karibu Kenya!

Fast forward to now. We have been in Kenya for an entire year! We have seen and experienced things many people do not have the pleasure to recount or imagine. We have struggled through training as a family, we became official volunteers together, and we are still close even living apart. Unfortunately, we have had to say goodbye to 7 of our original 38, and volunteers whom we looked up to when all this was strange and unfamiliar, are now preparing to say goodbyes as they end their service. Even with the departure of two groups we anticipate the arrival of anew group in the future, with us now being the mentors they will look up to for advice.

It is hard to believe. We have already come that far. The time that has so quickly vanished is only going to pass more quickly with our last year ahead of us. To all volunteers in my group, I look forward to another year making memories, having crazy adventures, laughing and crying, and doing the impossible. Today is a milestone for us, we made it this far, one year already, let’s charge into the last half of our service knowing that tomorrow will be next year in the blink of an eye, and this time next year we will be packing our bags once again and preparing to return home. So for the next 435 days, let’s make everyday a day to remember!


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