Kenya Street Foods


You find them everywhere from the bus stages to the side of the road, snack carts. In my time here I have noticed that across Kenya there are certain snack trends you can always find, roasted maize, mayai, smokies, njugu, mandazi, chapati, chips, samosas, muturu, kebabs, bajias, and assorted sliced fruit (usually watermelon, pineapple, or bananas).

Roasted Maize : ears of corn roasted over an open fire until slightly charred, enjoy with lime
Mayai : hardboiled eggs, cut open and served with kachumbari
Njugu: fresh, unsalted roasted peanuts
Smokies : mini beef or chicken sausages served with kachumbari
Chips : french fries
Chips Masala : chips covered in a spicy tomato sauce and other spices
Bajias : sliced potatoes, battered and deep fried
Samosas : fried triangles of chapati dough filled with either green grams, veggies, or minced meat
Kebabs : skewers of meat with veggies or battered, deep fried smokies
Muturu : traditional sausages made with goat casings and stuff with meat parts and goat blood

Other popular snack trends include sesame seed snacks, ice cream cones, random candies and crackers, and various odd trinkets. If you find yourself thirsty from all the snacking you can pick out vendors selling cups of uji or Chai, and various soft drinks and water.


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