Kenya Nyumba Yangu (My Kenya Home)

In the last year I have taken an empty, single room mud house and turned it into my cozy home. It has a certain simplicity but includes all the most important aspects for ensured comfort. Here is a visual tour of my little Kenya home.



Custom-built furniture brings an America  design to Kenya that is both functional in the small space and unique. My comforter was also made here using scrap fabrics. I used the furniture to section off my house, the kitchen “nook” with bistro area and day room area that has my bed, which I had built so it could convert to a lounge couch during the day. Refurbished bookshelf I built myself adds additional storage. Hanging bookshelves add extra shelving without having to actually build anything, I hope to include a couple more since I have a good space for them.

I didn’t have my own toilet when I got here, so I invested in building an eco-friendly composting choo(toilet) complete with a hand washing station. All it needs is a roof.

tmp_IMG_20140603_153029-519423992     tmp_IMG_20140608_115745-1058413889

My shower area, which also doubles as a bath zone for my dog. In the process of developing a solar shower system.


My water tank for catching my water supply, 3200L is plenty of water for my use, if only it rained enough to fill it. I have a 100L drum inside for clean water storage.


My little front porch, perfect for sitting and doing nothing, watching nature, and on the occasion doing dishes. And of course my puppy, who is the keeper and guard of my house.


This little section is going to become a garden in the near future. I already have strawberries, tomatoes, garlic, green onions, cilantro, pineapple, popcorn seeds, hot peppers, and bell peppers being started in a small nursery. Then off to the left is the laundry line and my trash disposal (burning) zone.


Thanks to the creativeness of my counterparts, my house was built with a skylight.

My American amenities, a gas stove, fan, and refrigerator, because some things are nice to have if you are willing to splurge.

Plus my collection of wall art, little bits of home. 


My daily mode of transportation,  it’s got a lot of miles and wear on it already, but it’ll last.

The compound I live on, it’s a small farm.



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