Nyama Choma

The closest thing to BBQ in Kenya is the nyama choma (roasted meats) The most common is mubzi (goat), but you also can find ngombe (beef), or kuku (chicken). Many of the hotelis will do special orders for you if they don’t make a certain kind. For instance, the choma grill in my town only does kuku choma, but if I go there before I do my market shopping and request goat or beef they will prepare it for me just in time to either finish shopping and sit down to a meal or take it home and enjoy it a la carte. I hope to eventually see if they will do pork or rabbit because both would be delicious roasted.

Roasty, toasty, and scrumptious! Nyama choma is your best option if you want tender, flavorful cuts of meat. Best served with a side of greens and some chapati and an ice cold beer.


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