Happy Birthday Daddy

Dear Daddy,

It has been so long since we last spoke in person and life took you away. Since you’ve been gone I have achieved so many milestones and accomplishments… becoming a teenager, moving out, graduating HS and college, becoming an adult, falling in love, finally moving to Seattle, hardships and happy times, and now I am  PC volunteer living in Kenya. It has been a year since I have made one of the biggest journeys in my life, and not a moment goes by you aren’t beside me in memory.

Every milestone, accomplishment, failure, and lesson you have always been there, like an invisible guide. You gave me all the skills in life that have helped me to be more rounded as a person like camping, baseball, and outdoor survival. From all our times at the lake either on the boat or parked along the beach, every baseball game, father daughter dance,and backyard BBQ, you were a true Mcgyver and Parrothead until the end.

I hope everything I do makes you proud and I wish you were still here to share my new adventures and be my voice of reason when things are tough. I have reconnected with family and I am sorry it took so long. I am so happy to see a little bit more of you through their eyes. Aunt Christy and Uncle Pat have been awesome cheerleaders to my PC experience and have shed light on some broken pieces I have been missing. Your sister’s, Aunty Pat, Pam and Marilyn, Cousin Lisa, and Grammy are all watching out for me as well and it has been great getting more in touch with those I lost the most contact to.

I finally made the move to Seattle and I love it, planning on going back because no place has felt more like home for me! It is also nice to still have close family with Lisa and Stewie nearby. We all finally reconnected, it had been too long, and I hope once I am back home that we can continue to hang out. I still haven’t been in contact with sister Steph, but I promise to make the effort when I am home.

Since it is your birthday, I will have a drink for you dad because even in Kenya they have Corona. I toast to all the good times we had, all the things you showed me, the lessons you taught me, and to the life I have lived and will continue to live in your memory. I am very happy and living life to the fullest using everything you taught me. Even the carpentry skills I thought were useless when I was in 6th grade and had to take woodshop.

I love you daddy ❤
Love your sweet pea


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