Pumpkin Breakfast Parfait

Another sweet and delicious start to your morning with lots of yummy fiber and protein to keep you full and satisfied all morning.

This recipe has so many variations of what can go in it, I cannot list all the possibilities! So. I will instead give you my top choices for each layer of the parfait.

Prep Time: 5 min
What You Need
3/4c pureed pumpkin
1/2c yogurt of choice (I use thick nonfat plain Greek Yogurt)
1/4c granola – There is a brand of healthy granola with pumpkin seeds and dates that really shines in this dish
1c fresh fruit (I love blackberries or blueberries with the pumpkin)

What You Do:
1. Using a cup, scoop 1/4c of the pumpkin onto the bottom of the glass
2. Use 1T of granola and sprinkle it over the pumpkin with some fruit
3. Scoop greek yogurt onto the fruit/granola layer
4. Repeat steps 1-3
5. Top the final layer of yogurt with the last of the pumpkin, granola and fruit
6. Dig in an enjoy – you can sweeten it with cinnamon and/or stevia if you prefer a sweeter flavor and use a flavored yogurt if desired


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