The Great Pumpkin Challenge (#163)

The month of October has come to an end and thus the completion of the Great Pumpkin Challenge. It has been 31 days of pumpkin recipes from sweet to savory for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. This challenge was indeed challenging as it came to the end, not because of the pumpkin repetition, but because arranging recipes in the kitchen so there wasn’t too much of any recipe leftover so nothing would be wasted. There was also the issue of a much higher grocery bill for the month to ensure my recipes contained only the best ingredients for optimal success in the kitchen and allowing me to explore various recipe options and varieties.

I maintained mostly success in my recipes. Two recipes I had to remake due to poor quality for my first recipes, the pumpkin bread and cinnamon rolls. Sadly, the other downfall to this challenge was the lack of a proper kitchen space and certain important tools, equipment and utensils to create my recipes with. The lack of kitchen space and inadequate lighting also resulted in poor picture quality, therefore many of the recipes are lacking images or do not have step-by-step picture tutorials to go with instructions.

Overall, the challenge was a success, but had some minor downfalls that could easily be corrected. It is my intention to recreate these recipes periodically to adjust certain qualities and aspects I felt could be tweaked, as well as provide proper pictures to associate with my recipes.

There are so many different ways to use pumpkin. Try one of my 31 recipes created during my Great Pumpkin Challenge or create your own. You can use fresh pumpkin from a can or pick up some pumpkins from your local pumpkin patch and create your own puree or cubed pumpkin meat. Recipes can be savory or sweet and if you use your imagination there is no limitation to including pumpkin into your meals year-round.


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