The Multi-Purpose Daypack

On of the most confusing, and daunting struggles of any hiker, backpacker, or traveler is finding the right equipment to carry all your stuff. There are hundreds of brands with various uses and features, ranging from the small 6L to serious 100L. The size is easier to determine if you know your trip duration and purpose..a 20L pack won’t suffice for a month-long wilderness excursion and an 80L pack won’t do you any good if you are only spending the day hiking.

The adventurer new to packs is probably thinking : “What is all this talk about liters?”

A liter is the space within the backpack and determine the size. Smaller liter packs are typically considered daypacks (anything under 35L) and larger packs are considered backpacking packs (from 35L and up). For my upcoming trip, I wanted a mid-sized pack that would make a good carry-on and hold a few days worth of clothing, equipment, snacks, 2L bladder, and my camera.

My requirements were minimal…something that was roomy with easy access, extra pockets, and a separate space for my water bladder, plus adjustable straps with a lot of support.


Osprey Women’s Tempest 20


This is a 20L pack that fits all of my criteria. It has a stretchy outer pocket to use for quick-grab items, and adjustable pockets on the side, adjustable height, sturdy hip belt and chest straps plus the back features an airflow design for coolness and comfort. The easy open wide main pocket makes it simple and roomy to pack with extra pocket at the top and two hip belt pockets. Another great feature is the external bladder compartment that means no compromise on the space in the pack and no worry of accidental leakage. Bonus, the color is a really nice bright green. There are plenty of extras including a helmet attachment, loops for ice picks and walking sticks, and a waterproof material.

Overall, I am already impressed with the product and can’t wait to test it out, keep updated with me for further reviews and field test.




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