Your Wallet’s Favorite Travel Card

I’ve read a number of articles about “free travel,” “earning travel perks,” and “how to travel without going broke,” plus other related topics. Regardless, traveling will cost you something. Whether time or money, to travel and travel a lot is something very few people have the luxury of. For myself, sure I can scrounge up money and jet-set somewhere, but I have real-world responsibilities and a job that limits the amount of time I can away. Same goes for my fiancé.

When I do get the opportunity to escape on a vacation, I try to be as practical with my money as possible. Cash is always something you should have on you because no matter what you will always need it. But then arises the question of what form of plastic should I be carrying around with me?


I’ve recently been approved for the Capital One Venture Card. I did my homework and researched hundreds of credit cards with perks, miles, bonus points, etc.. I finally settled on this card for several reasons. (Only drawback is the yearly fee of $65 -still lower than others)

  • In the first 3 months if you spend $3000 you automatically get 40,000 miles
  • There are NO international transaction fees
  • It’s a Visa and accepted everywhere
  • The APR is average for a CC
  • Your miles NEVER EXPIRE. EVER.
  • You get 2 miles for every $1,  and most cards at most give you 1.5 per $1
    • Spend $2000 per month that’s 50,000 miles per year!

Carrying around a credit card is not for everyone. It takes money management and restraint to only spend what you budget and pay it off every month to avoid accruing fees based on your APR. However if you are money savvy, like myself, using a card such as this (depending on your limit and income) you can use it for your purchases in a month and at the end of the month simply pay it all off.

Not only is this good for your credit because it shows a revolving balance and payment history, but you can rack up the miles really quickly. This means a potentially free trip to anywhere! Imagine, if you rack up enough miles to earn First Class ticket. A girl can dream. These miles also work as points and can be used for cash redemption and other travel perks and rewards.

Again, little plastic cards are not for everyone. But if you are considering one remember this..

  • Does the card charge an international transaction fee?
  • Do my miles/points expire?
  • How many miles/points can I earn?
  • What brand is it? Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express?
  • Is it airline or travel specific? Some cards ONLY allow you to use points toward specific flight carriers or hotels, like American Airlines or Hilton. If you only want to use a certain carrier for travel, then these cards could be a better option with extra member perks at airports and hotels.



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