Greenheart Travel in Thailand

With graduation around the corner I am ending my educational endeavors and becoming an official graduated graduate – Master Samantha. I look ahead to the next adventure which is taking me to beautiful SE Asia, specifically Thailand.

I am joining an adventurous group of people to complete my TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages) certification with Greenheart Travel/Xplore Asia in Hua Hin (a coastal town south of Bangkok) – like I’ve said, I’m always a student of something!

I choose teaching because of my enjoyment teaching in Africa during Peace Corps and acquiring the TESOL certification gives me flexibility to be certified to teach English anywhere in the world as well as a flexible work schedule! Especially having my Bachelors and Masters – a Bachelors which is the primary requirement for any teaching placement; having the Masters in certain countries like Thailand give me an option of teaching at the University level.

Greenheart Travel is an organization which arranges TESOL certification courses and teaching placement in partner with Xplore Asia. So far my experience with the program has been great! The program manager is quick to respond to questions and concerns and the inclusions are straightforward. I will create a post later to detail the cost of the TESOL certification and my initial cost of moving to Thailand.  A great inclusion with organization is the paid teaching placement provided at the end of your certification. They set you up with an actual job – they also provided teaching placements in other regions of SE Asia outside of Thailand. So once the short program to become TESOL certified is complete, I will embark into the unknown somewhere in Thailand to live and teach while enjoy the sabai, sabai life.




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