Birthright Israel (Part II)

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The Gift of Birthright

As some may or may not know, I am Jewish. It is my culture, my family background, and part of who I am. This gifts me the unique experience known as Birthright. Birthright is a funded 10 day trip to Israel for those of Jewish culture or faith or both. There are many different ways to embark on your birthright…whether it be with a temple, your school, or different organizations, there is a Birthright for everyone and you have many choices on how you choose to experience your gift.

For myself, I chose to be apart of the very special Taglit Birthright experience : Yael Adventures High-Gear. This trip is 10 days of non-stop adventure and exploration for the (in my opinion) less religious and more culturally identifiable Jew, like myself.  In my own words, this trip takes us trekking across Israel on a spiritual path to experience the country in a very hands-on way.

Follow me for updates as a I prepare for this amazing trip and embark my journey through Israel.