Packing for Israel

This is always an important question as you prepare for any journey.. What do I bring?

Every trip is different and requires various necessities. The two most important you need to ask yourself when preparing for any trip is ..what am I willing to carry around with me and is it suitable for the location? You obviously don’t want to bring that over-priced luggage set with wheels if you are planning on touching down in a remote area of the world where paved streets and elevators don’t exist. A large and spacious pack is preferred in those circumstances. If it is a long trip and you know you need 2 luggage items, don’t make them both backpacks unless you don’t mind carrying one on your back and one in front of you like some obscene suit of body armor.

The little that I know of the trip I am embarking on gives me a few clues as to what and how I should pack.
a) We will be mobile by bus
b) But we are hiking..a lot
c) There are scheduled hotels on the itinerary
d) It is Israel in the summer, therefore it will be hot
e) And since it is hot, we will be getting wet a lot
f) Factor in the desert, I predict a lot of mud and dust
g) Did I mention the heat? And copious activities involving water

So with this information I can already begin to decide what and how I want to pack for my trip. This is a great way to pack for any trip, breaking down your itinerary with your environment plus the amount of days. (Itinerary+Environment+Days=Well-Packed)

Canon Rebel with Medium Telephoto and Micro Lense, extra battery pack, and multiple SD cards ranging from 8-32 GB
Point and Shoot with Weather and waterproof sleeve
Travel Wallet
Quick Dry Towel
Sleeping Bag liner
20L Day pack
Teva hiking Sandals
Cell Phone
Cash and Visa
Passport and Important Travel documents
Basic toiletries

The Gift of Birthright

As some may or may not know, I am Jewish. It is my culture, my family background, and part of who I am. This gifts me the unique experience known as Birthright. Birthright is a funded 10 day trip to Israel for those of Jewish culture or faith or both. There are many different ways to embark on your birthright…whether it be with a temple, your school, or different organizations, there is a Birthright for everyone and you have many choices on how you choose to experience your gift.

For myself, I chose to be apart of the very special Taglit Birthright experience : Yael Adventures High-Gear. This trip is 10 days of non-stop adventure and exploration for the (in my opinion) less religious and more culturally identifiable Jew, like myself.  In my own words, this trip takes us trekking across Israel on a spiritual path to experience the country in a very hands-on way.

Follow me for updates as a I prepare for this amazing trip and embark my journey through Israel.