My Ultimate List

If you are looking for just a bucket list then look elsewhere. This awesome list of awesome things is intended as a combination of personal goals and aspirations and unique travel experiences[*]; most of which I get to experience with my amazing fiancé . I will (or if anyone has fun suggestions) periodically add new items because adventures should never stop and the fun should never end!

Current challenge: 30 before 30 & on my 30th birthday see how many I achieved.

Challenge Accepted!!

Check out the galleries below of what I have experienced.

[*]Experience: knowledge or practical wisdom gained from what one has observed, encountered, or undergone.
It isn’t as simple as going somewhere, snapping a photograph and saying it happened. Instead it doing something and living each moment to the highest potential; including every little thing that you don’t anticipate because sometimes those moments make the best experiences (like being crammed on a matatu isn’t something I want to do, but it is definitely something that happens when you travel and can make for the funniest situations).


1. Climb 5 famous mountains (e.g. Mt. Kilimanjaro, Machu Picchu…) – Mt. Zion|Israel {2015}
2. Swim in every ocean – Pacific {2013, 2014}, Atlantic {2013}, Indian , Arctic, Southern
3. Swim with dolphins
4. Experience a backpacking trip on horseback – Ethiopia {2014}
5. Go spelunking
6. Take a flying lesson
7. Go bungee jumping – Over the Nile River in Uganda {2014}
8. Take a road trip on a bicycle
9.Pet a cheetah – Kenya {2014}
10. Feed a dangerous wild animal – Hyenas in Harar {2014}
11. Go hang-gliding
12. Swim with sharks [particularly Great Whites in South Africa; if possible]
13. Become better at winter skiing
14. Go paint-balling (fighting for life in the zombie apocalypse?)
15. Zip-line somewhere – Austin|TX Lake Travis Zipline Adventure {2015}
16. Go on a mushing dogsled trip
17. Participate in a Tough Mudder
18. Float in the Dead Sea {2015}
19. Travel on a camel in the desert – Israel {2015}
20. Ride an elephant somewhere in Asia
21. Go zorbing
22. Complete 5 famous treks (e.g. Heavenly Stairs, Appalachian Trail, Inca Trail..)
23. Ride in a helicopter
24. Go white water rafting – Nile River|Uganda class 4&5 {2014}
25. Brave a Polar Bear Plunge
26. Learn to sail
27. Go cross-country skiing
28. Go stargazing
29. Hold a koala bear in Australia
30. Brave the cage of death in Australia
31. Go on a motorcycle adventure/trip
32. Have a lazy day tubing down a river
33. Pet a tiger (I already pet a cheetah, how dangerous could it be?)
34. Swim in a natural hot spring – Keogh Hot Springs|California {2014}
35. Go swimming with whales (because sharks and dolphins are not enough)
36. Climb an active volcano
37. Go sports fishing for marlin
38. Go skinny dipping in the ocean
39. Explore 5 underwater cities
40. Go camping in the Black Forest
41. Go on a night safari
42. Go to a trampoline park
43. Attend a circus class and fly on a trapeze
44. Go snorkeling or scuba diving in a ship wreck
45. Go kayaking – Nile Uganda sunset booze cruise {2014}
46. Ride 5 of world’s tallest Ferris Wheels
49. Go to Ferrari World
50. Kayak in the Bioluminescent Bay of Fajardo
51. Ride in a submarine
52. Go bouldering and/or rock climbing – rock climbed Hell’s Gate “Pride Rock” {2013}
53. Ride a camel or horse along the beach
54. Ride the cable cars in San Francisco
55. Ride along with storm chasers following tornados
56. Hang out with polar bears
57. Participate in an airsoft zombie experience
59. Play Geocache – Spokane|WA {2015}
60. Drive an exotic car
61. Go hunting
62. Go windsurfing
63. Go on an African Safari – Hells Gate {2013}, Lake Nakuru {2013}, Lake Naivasha {2013}, Masai Mara {2014}
64. Ride in a hot air balloon – AZ Desert {2010}
62. Horseback ride in the ocean
62. Swing on the edge of the world in Ecuador
62. Add a lock to Love Lock Bridge in Paris
62. Visit the “real” Santa Claus in Finland
62. Stand on a boulder wedged between mountains
62. Go paddle boarding
62. Spend a day as a mermaid
62. Let go of a flying lantern in Thailand
62. Get a henna tattoo in India
62. Own a Vespa

65.Volunteer internationally (e.g. Israel Corps, WWOOF, WorkAway…) – Peace Corps {2013-14}, HfH Global Village {2014}
66.Learn a new language – Kiswahili {2013}
67. Finish graduate school
68. Go on a yoga retreat
69. Go on a Hi-Gear Birthright trip to Israel {July 2015}
70. Create a recipe book
71. Be in the best shape of my life & reach my health goals
72. Work a Global build with Habitat for Humanity – Ethiopia {2014}
73. Get scuba certified
74. Improve photography skills & create a portfolio (e.g. Zoom Israel)
75. Get two tattoos in memory of my dad
76. Go to the World Series (when the Dodgers play)
77. Participate in a marathon 
78. Buy a house
79. Drink at an ice bar
80. Make my website official by purchasing a .com or .org address
81. Shake hands with the President
82. Have a Back to the Future marathon on Oct. 21, 2015 – ArcLight Beach Cities|CA {10/21/15 @4:29pm}
83. Go to a Jimmy Buffet concert – w/the Coral Reefer Band|Hollywood Bowl|CA {Oct. 22, 2015}
84. Drink an expensive glass of champagne – $78 bottle at Salish Dining Room {2014}
85. Attend 10 random classes to learn something new or improve skills (e.g. gastronomic cooking, ballroom dancing, sushi rolling, wine tasting, photography…)
86. Spend one year taking a picture everyday
87. Visit a Holocaust memorial – Holocaust History Museum|Israel {2015}
88. Get my teeth fixed again (Invisalign)
89. Repair my hearing with the Baha surgery* (might never happen)
90. Put together a city wide scavenger hunt with friends
91. Get fortune read
92. Live on a sailboat [about a month]
93. Get a memorial in Cabo San Lucas for my dad
94. Get at least 6 more tattoos – Hebrew script {2011}, Peace&Love {2014}
95. Get a tattoo overseas – R finger peace&love in Nakuru {2014}
96. Experience 5 different religious services in their countries – Shabbat|Israel {2015}
97. Write a book
98. Live through a full changing of the seasons (spring, summer, fall, winter) – Fall 2014 to Summer 2015
99. For one week, every day prepare one recipe from Pinterest, but recreate it in a new way
100. Create 5 Pinterest DIY projects
100. Do my Great Pumpkin challenge in October, incorporating pumpkin into one meal everyday – Pumpkin Bread, Cheesy Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin Oatmeal, Pumpkin Breakfast Parfait, Chocolatey Pumpkin Cake, Roasted Jack-O-Lantern, Toasted Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Shepherd’s Pie, Pumpkin Hot Cocoa, Punkin’ Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spicy Harvest Chili, Jalapeño Pumpkin Cornbread, Simple Pumpkin Gnocchi, Pumpkin Beer Bread, Pumpkin Pancakes, White Pumpkin Lasagna, Tart Pumpkin Hazelnut Biscotti, Black Bean Pumpkin Burgers, Pumpkin Crepes, Shredded Chicken Enchiladas with Chipotle Pumpkin Sauce, Steak & Potato Pot Pie with Pumpkin, No-Bake Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes, Dark Pumpkin Stuffing, Pumpkin French Toast, Chorizo Pumpkin Tamales, Pumpkin Cinnamon Rolls, Creamy Pumpkin Tikka Masala, Pumpkin English Muffins, Pulled Pork with Pumpkin BBQ Sauce, Pizza with Pumpkin Pesto, Halloween Pumpkin Pie {October 2014}

101. Redo the Great Pumpkin Challenge with improved recipes
101. Create and prepare a completely unique recipe
102. Attend a Food Truck festival
103. Take a glassblowing class and make something
104. Buy a Mini Cooper Countryman 4×4

105. Eventually get engaged to the man I love – December 13, 2014
106. Go to a drive-in movie – Santee Drive-In [Guardians of the Galaxy/Into the Storm] {2014}
107. Spend a day comparing ice cream/froyo/gelato/frozen custard to determine which is better – [Amy’s Ice Cream, Front Porch Gelato, Froyo & Custard/Winner: Gelato] Austin|TX {2015}
108. Go apple picking at an apple orchard
109. Attend a ball or masquerade
110. Name a star
111. Take the person I love on a picnic – Santee Drive-In|CA {2014}, Carkeek Park|WA {2015}, Magnuson Park Movie Night|WA {2015}
112. Kiss under the mistletoe
113. Go to a sex shop in Paris (and buy something)
114. As a couple, dress up for Halloween
115. Make a full (6) course meal for a date at home
116. Take a boudoir photo shoot
117. Pick different restaurants and go on a progressive dinner as a date
118. Create a kissing mural from travels
119. Build a snowman with someone I love [Do you wanna build a snowman?]
120. Go on a sleigh ride
121. Go on a carriage ride
121. Take a road trip in the US with my best friend/boyfriend – Oceanside|CA to Seattle|WA [2,150 mi/7 days + 3 hrs] {2014}
122. Have professional photos taken with the person I love – June 6, 2015 *engagement photos
123. Have a movie marathon themed date – 4:29pm 10/21/15 ArcLight Beach Cities|CA

124. Eat dessert first at a restaurant – Lemon Tart with Cinnamon Crust and Cranberry Sorbet|Salish Lodge, WA {2014}
125. Have dinner at a 3 star Michelin Restaurant
126. Go on the Penny Date
127. Create and eat a meal from different places around the world
128. Do a Peace Corps service with my significant other
129. Participate in grape stomping at a winery
130. Marry Joshua Brown the love of my life on December 1, 2017

131. See at least 5 natural and 5 man-made wonders of the world – Great Wildebeest Migration of the Serengeti and Masai Mara {2014}, Old City of Jerusalem {2015}
132. Travel on the Trans-Siberian railway
133. Visit 15 National Parks – Hells Gate {2013}, Lake Nakuru {2013}, Lake Naivasha {2013}, Bale Mountains {2014}, Masai Mara {2014}, Redwoods National Forest {2014}
134. Visit 10 new countries – Kenya {2013-14}, Ethiopia {2014}, Uganda {2014}, Qatar {2014}, Israel {2015}
135. Ride the railroad across the US
136. Go to all Disney parks – Disneyland, DisneyWorld {2013}, EuroDisney, Hong Kong, Bankok, & Tokyo
137. See a show on Broadway
138. Stay at a bed and breakfast – Treehouse Point|Fall City, Wa {2014}
139. Visit a vineyard and make a personal wine
140. Visit all 50 states – California {2010, 2013, 2014, 2015}, Arizona {2010-12, 2013, 2014}, Washington {2012-13, 2014-}, Nevada {2012, 2013, 2014}, Pennsylvania {2014}, Florida {2013}, Oregon {2014}, Texas {2015}
141.Go to the top of the Space Needle in Seattle {2013}
142. Go to 5 cultural events in their countries (e.g. Oktoberfest in Germany, Holi in India…) – Shabbat|Israel {2015}
143. Spend the Night at Sleepy Hallow on Halloween
144. Go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios {Oct 23, 2015}
145. Visit a Russian bathhouse
146. Attend/Experience 8 American cultural events (e.g. Mardi Gras, Football Game, Baseball Game, Holidays…) – Baseball Games {2010-14}
147. Eat at least 20 different exotic/ethnic dishes in their country – injera & wot|Ethiopia {2014}, everything Kenyan {2013-14}, Falafel; Shawarma; Kebab; Shakshuka|Israel {2015}
148. Discover 50 awesome local things in Washington – 8oz Burger {2014}, Snoqualmie Falls {2014}, Treehouse Point {2014}, Molly Moon’s Ice Cream {2014}, Salish Lodge {2014}, Ladro Coffee {2014}, Abay & Jebena Ethiopian Restaurants {2015}, Frans Chocolates {2015}, Rain City Burgers {2015}, Tsui Sushi {2015}
149. Visit (& Drink at) 20 local craft breweries – Pizza Porter|Carlsbad, CA [First In(coffee stout)] {2014}, Stone Brewery Store|Oceanside, CA [Levitation Ale(citrus amber)] {2014}, Belching Beaver|Vista, CA [Peanut Butter Milk Stout, Me So Honey, Saison de Beaver, Easy Beaver] {2014}, Iron Fist|Vista, CA [Renegade Blonde, Spice of Life, Velvet Glove, Cuvee de Fer, Roots, Dubbel Fisted] {2014}, Indian Joe|Vista, CA [Hefeweizen, Milk Stout, American Indian Red Ale, Pumpkin Ale, Red Raspberry Sour] {2014}, Mother Earth Brewery|Vista, CA [Cali Creamin, Pin Up, Honcho Hefe, Por Que No?, Sin Tax, Siren] {2014}, Rogue Ales|Portland, OR [Chocolate Stout, Marionberry Braggot, Chipotle Ale, Single Malt Ale] {2014}, The Pike Brewery|Seattle, WA [Harlot’s Harvest Pumpkin Ale] {2014}, Black Raven Brewery|Redmond, WA {2014}, Elliot Bay Public House|Seattle, WA {2015}, RAM Brewery|Seattle, WA {2015}, Hellbender
150. Eat at 5 strange restaurants (e.g. Sky Dining, Dining in the Dark, Sleigh Ride in CO…)
151. Spend a year living overseas [post-PC]
152. See the Aurora Borealis
153. Go to the North Pole
154. Visit 50 iconic landmarks – Old London Bridge|Lake Havasu {2013}, Las Vegas Strip| Nevada {2014}, Museum of Islamic Art|Qatar {2014}. Space Needle|Seattle {2014}, Hollywood Sign|LA {2013}, Temple Mount|Jerusalem {2015}, Al Aqsa Mosque|Jerusalem {2015}, the Wailing Wall|Jerusalem {2015}, The Capital Building|Austin{2015}, Treaty Oak|Austin{2015}, Austin Bat Bridge|Austin{2015}
155. Go to a Renaissance Fair
156. Vacation at a random destination not pre-planned
157. Re-Experience my Euro Trip 2005 with a fresh perspective
158. Go on a cruise
159. Take a cooking class in a foodie place (e.g. Italy, France…)
160. Stay in 5 unique hotels – Treehouse Point|Fall City, WA {2014}
161. See 5 famous waterfalls – Snoqualmie Falls|WA {2014}
162. Travel to every different eco-system [Forest, Grassland, Aquatic, Desert, Mountain]
163. Create a photo mural completed in different places
164. Attend all 3 major horse races – Preakness, Belmont Stakes and the Kentucky Derby
165. Visit the 4 corners
167. Stand on the equator on every continent – Africa {2014}
168. Explore 5 castles
169. Visit a place that is off limits
170. Go to a concert in a foreign country
171. Go to a traditional wedding in India
172. Eat at a world famous restaurant
173. See an opera in its original country
174. Go to the top of 5 of the world’s tallest buildings
175. Watch the sun rise and set on an island
176. Go to every Cirque show on the Vegas Strip & one overseas
177. Fly first class
178. Visit 10 famous museums
179. See an opera at a famous international opera house
180. Attend the Winter Olympics ice skating event
181. Experience an over the top New Years Eve celebration (e.g. Times Square, Sydney…)
182. Ride the Rocky Mountaineer train
183. Attend the Monaco Grand Prix
184. Try a food “famous” to each state (e.g. Seattle coffee, Texas BBQ, Louisiana Gumbo…) – In N Out|CA {2014}, Dodger Dogs|CA {2014}, California Rolls|CA {2014}, Coffee|WA {2012-13, 2014}, Voodoo Donuts|OR {2014}, Philly Cheesesteak|PA {2013}, Strawberry Shortcake|FL {2013}, Oranges|FL {2013}, Salmon|WA {2012, 2014}, Starbucks 1st Coffee House|WA {2012, 2014}, Craft Beer|WA {2012-ongoing}, TexMex|TX {2015}, Texas BBQ|TX {2015}
185. Tour a chocolate factory
186. Take the Harry Potter tour in London
187. Stay at a dude ranch
188. Tour Alcatraz
189. Attend 5 festivals, rodeos, or fairs (e.g. balloon festival, frontier days…)
190. Visit an atoll
191. Sit on a giant lily pad in the Amazon
76. Go to every baseball stadium to see a game – Chase Field {2010, 2011, 2012, 2013}, Dodgers Stadium {2014, 2015}, Safeco Field {2015}

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