My Ultimate Bucket List

(click below to explore each experience)



Mt.Zion Israel 2015 Mt.Massada Israel 2015 Bale Mountains Ethiopia 2014


Austin TX Lake Travis Zip Line Adventures 2015

participate in a marathon

Sept 2017 Spokefest Half Century (22mi route completed) April 2018 Hunger Run (10k) May 2018 Bloomsday Run (12k)


Nile River Uganda Sunset Booze Cruise 2014

drive-in movie

Santee Drive In CA [Guardians of the Galaxy/Into the Storm] 2014

African safari

  Kenya Hells Gate {2013) Lake Nakuru {2013} Lake Naivasha {2013} Masai Mara {2014}


corrective surgery for deafness

US road trip

Oceanside CA to Seattle WA [2,150 mi/7 days + 3 hrs] {2014} Spokane WA to San Clemente CA [2,903 mi/7 days] {2018}

natural wonder

Great Wildebeest Migration of the Serengeti and Masai Mara 2014

natural parks

Hells Gate {2013} Lake Nakuru {2013} Lake Naivasha {2013} Bale Mountains {2014} Masai Mara {2014}

visit every continent

Africa Kenya {2013-14} Ethiopia {2014} Uganda {2014} Asia Qatar {2014} Israel {2015} Europe North America South America Antarctica Europe  Australia      

Disney parks (11)

Disneyland/California Adventure Walt Disney World/Epcot/Animal Kingdom/MGM


Treehouse Point in Fall City, WA 2014

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