Bare Necessities

This is how something as simple as cooking or having fresh water was a little more of an ordeal in Kenya.

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Young Farmers and Livestock Program

My passion project is the Youth to Youth Livestock Program. I wrote a grant and was awarded funding! We are developing the program around rabbits as an economic and food security source in households, as well as a comprehensive recycling and composting component and a small farm stand.

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Kenya Nyumba Yangu (My Kenya Home)

In the last year I have taken an empty, single room mud house and turned it into my cozy home. It has a certain simplicity but includes all the most important aspects for ensured comfort. Here is a visual tour of my little Kenya home.

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Month 10, Part II

Other than when I first arrived in Kenya, with my entire life in tow, I try to pack and travel light due to complications and safety. This was my first vacation, a long vacation, and as lightly as I tried to pack I still traveled with the largest amount of luggage since my first moments here.

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Month 10, Part I

Nearing the 1 year mark. It’s been that long already?! I am going to keep this update short, because I took my first vacation and not much happened in terms of PC. However, I did manage to squeeze a few projects in before and after my vacation.

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